2013 American Package Design Award

Paige1Media is beyond thrilled to announce that one of its design pieces has been selected to be the recipient of an American Package Design Award! Not only is this an honor in and of itself, but it is the first of its kind to be awarded to Paige1Media.

The winning piece was created for Pure Radiance Inc, a supplier of nutritional and skin care products that change lives. The packaging in question was for their Fiber Plus dietary supplement, and featured evocative imagery with an emphasis on clarity, inviting the labels to jump off the shelves at browsing clients. (Figuratively, of course!)

For six years straight, the American Package Design Awards has been recognizing the finest pieces from graphic design firms, advertising agencies, inhouse corporate and institutional designers, publishers and other media. Winners are informed by mail with congratulatory letters and certificates, and are furthermore showcased in the current issue of Package Design Awards magazine.