P1M Joins Social Tech Pop's List of America's Top 35 Business Cards

Featured in one of Social Tech Pop's headline articles, Paige1Media splashes the front cover of the premier popular culture and technology blog with a line that says it all - America’s Top 35 Business Cards. Business cards at best, are vitally used to grab the attention of their audience members and to make a lasting impression. Selected for unusual clarity and deepening use of color, Paige1Media finds root among 34 other highly creative designs.

At number 7, Paige1Media's card is coated in a creamy orange texture that features a translucent backdrop and broken line for softened exaggeration. The gradient finish across the central line enriches the piece and adds a sense of depth to the design. What's unique even more about this layered piece of art, is that graphic designer JP Jones pulls it all together with faded points of service in the backdrop, including logos, book typesets, newsletters, and more.

Branding a picture perfect business card may not be the easiest thing to do but when you've struck gold, you know you have that winning look, and networking becomes second nature too. To read the full article from Social Tech Pop's list of most notable business cards, click here.