2011 Graphic Design USA Awards

2011 was a good year for Paige1Media. By December, the firm proudly held a total of 8 honorary awards by Graphic Design USA, which, every year, hosts the American Graphic Design Awards Contest.

The American Graphic Design Awards is a four decade old flagship competition, and is open to everyone in the graphic arts community – graphic design firms, advertising agencies, inhouse corporate and institutional designers, publishers and other media. Each year, roughly 1,000 pieces representing all media appear in the printed Design Annual and online.

Winners are informed by mail with congratulatory letters and certificates while a select number are further showcased in the 200-page annual celebrating the forward motion and lengthy strides of the graphic design community.


In 2011, Paige1Media placed among America's top rising graphic designers. Of the 8 pieces awarded, 2 were featured in the Graphic Design annual. Winning pieces are featured below, and include the Mountz Media & Publishing Finding a Treasure book cover, the Thrive Rescue Home brochure, the Essex House website, and the Diner Connection logo.

Paige1Media would be nothing without its faithful clients. Thank you for helping the firm move forward, and here's to another year full of inspiration and success! For more information about the Graphic Design Awards, visit www.gdusa.com.