Paige1Media Wins American Package Design Award 2014

Paige1Media wins the American Package Design Awards on GD USA for the package design of Rosin Bag Hang Tag for their client, D-BAT. Variations of of a textured blue background, outlines the package. The description of the package stands out in bold text boxes, along with bold typography.

The signature look of D-BAT's baseball is featured being held in a player's hand, behind the product, itself. A thin clear plastic keeps the product away from getting dirty, allowing it be in the newest possible state it could be. Perfect for the company, this package is a great representation of the quality work Paige1Media does!

For six years straight, the American Package Design Awards has been recognizing the finest pieces from graphic design firms, advertising agencies, inhouse corporate and institutional designers, publishers and other media. Winners are informed by mail with congratulatory letters and certificates, and are furthermore showcased in the current issue of Package Design Awards magazine.