P1M Joins Social Tech Pop's List of America's Top 35 Business Cards

Featured in one of Social Tech Pop's headline articles, Paige1Media splashes the front cover of the premier popular culture and technology blog with a line that says it all - America’s Top 35 Business Cards. Business cards at best, are vitally used to grab the attention of their audience members and to make a lasting impression. Selected for unusual clarity and deepening use of color, Paige1Media finds root among 34 other highly creative designs.

At number 7, Paige1Media's card is coated in a creamy orange texture that features a translucent backdrop and broken line for softened exaggeration. The gradient finish across the central line enriches the piece and adds a sense of depth to the design. What's unique even more about this layered piece of art, is that graphic designer JP Jones pulls it all together with faded points of service in the backdrop, including logos, book typesets, newsletters, and more.

Branding a picture perfect business card may not be the easiest thing to do but when you've struck gold, you know you have that winning look, and networking becomes second nature too. To read the full article from Social Tech Pop's list of most notable business cards, click here.

The 2011 International Business Awards Selects Panel Judge Paige1Media

Hand-selected as a panel judge for the 2011 International Business Awards, Paige1Media welcomes the honor of previewing entries on design and marketing effectiveness of many Fortune 500 companies. Some of the most top tier businesses around the world, including Best Buy, Hilton Hotels, BMW, and Accenture, have submitted entries to the competition and will be scored by the quality and clarity of their work.

According to the IBA, the Stevie Awards are the World's Premier Business Awards formed to recognize the achievements and work of organizations worldwide. Beginning in 2002, the awards have been hosted every year in honor of exceptional advertising and outstanding marketing championed by many prolific names in business.

Currently, there are four different Stevie Awards competitions, including The International Business Awards, The American Business Awards, The Stevie Awards for Women in Business, and the Stevie Awards for Sales and Customer Service. Each category winner receives a Stevie Award in the respective competition, which they compete.

The Stevie Awards is sponsored by leading business-to-business publishers and marketers and is overseen by a Board of Distinguished Judges and Advisors that include some of the top names in the industry.

This year Paige1Media will have the opportunity to serve on the prestigious panel of judges and oversee the work of numerous candidates offering their cream of the crop advertising and media. To find out more about the Stevie Awards or the International Business Awards competition, visit the organization's web site at www.StevieAwards.com/IBA.

The 17th Annual Communicator Awards Winners

The results are in! Paige1Media takes an honorary bow among thousands of entries received all over the world by the Communicator Awards in its 17th Annual distinctive program. Judged by the International Academy of the Visual Arts, The Communicator Awards are hosted every year with the intent of providing sound, critical acknowledgment of the most competitive arts and media each consecutive year brings to the podium. Not only are traditional works of print value entered into the competition, but also digital and interactive pieces with particular attention to evolving strategies in all categories.

Paige1Media takes home two awards this year for outstanding achievement in the print media category. One gold was awarded for the Summer Fire Event Promo package entry and a silver for the FCF Missions Brochure. Performing up to par under high-ranking expectations, P1M proudly showcases these awards on behalf of her clients, whose inspirational ideas generate articles of pure excellence every year.

Particular honor was recognized this year for high level of work reflecting a growing awareness of the digital world in which we live. P1M continue to demonstrate excellent perspective of these media relevant and industry prevalent advances through the addition of new media articles to her repertoire. Take a look at these and more at www.Paige1Media.com.

2010 Graphic Design USA Awards


New York, NY – Paige1Media aggressively places in the 2010 Graphic Design USA Awards Contest, host to one of the leading magazines in the US for Graphic Designers and Creative Professionals.

According to the design powerhouse's mantra, the best and brightest compete sharing their affinity for trend-setting design and envelope-pushing competition. Paige1Media landed a spot among 8,000 total entries with 5 stellar Print designs.

Winners are informed by mail with congratulatory letters and certificates while a select number are further showcased in the 200 page annual celebrating the forward motion and lengthy strides of the graphic design community.

Awards of Distinction

Out of thousands of entries from well-known ad agencies, production, public relations, and design firms all across the country, Paige1Media took home two awards of distinction in the 16th Annual Communicator Awards. Works honored by this year's distinguished New York City panel include Barbara Howell's Splinters: The Pain, The Passion, The Point Promotional Kit and Ruth Driscoll's business card design. Both are P1M signature pieces and have won the hearts of many. Splinters kit includes posters, bookmarks, and a variety of news related information on Howell and her book. The stunning display of worn earthen elements bring immediacy to center stage as she unfolds her life struggles and adventures – this is the true story of a woman becoming successful in a man's profession. Driscoll's highly patriotic card concept captures an array of elegance and beauty rarely seen on the corporate battlefield – this is the work of an American and a culinary dream. Paige1Media would like to thank all of her wonderful clients for the award winning ideas they inspire everyday.

2009 American Graphic Design Award Winners

This year, roughly 1,000 pieces were presented the GD USA Design annual. Slowly but surely, over four decades, our Annual has become a meeting place for the best and the brightest.

Media diversity abounds: print and collateral, package design and in-store graphics, advertising and sales promotion, invitations and announcements, direct mail and catalogs, magazines and books, broadcast and film and - surprise, surprise - more internet and interactive pieces than ever. Diverse, too, are the organizations and clients: Fortune 500 companies and entrepreneurial start-ups, consumer and business-to-business ventures, political and religious organizations, governments and trade associations, universities and cultural institutions.

Paige1Media to be featured in Harper Collins Release!

A recently designed book by Paige1Media will be one of the featured books in an upcoming release from Harper Collins Publishing, "The NEW Big Book of Layouts" scheduled to hit stores in May of 2010.

"Splinters" was selected based on the cover design and interior layout design of the 160 pg, full color book that has pictures weaving throughout the layout—making it more reader friendly and setting the bar for designers everywhere.  

The book boasts great layouts are the beginning of all effective visual communication. This 384 page book will showcase only the best layouts in a variety of disciplines, including publication design (books and magazines) to print design (menus, brochures, posters) and more.

Paige1Media Wins Gold!

Mercedes-Benz, Target, Capital One, and Paige1Media. What do all these have in common? They're all winners in the 15th Annual Communicator Awards for Print Marketing and Brand Identity excellence. Paige1Media won Gold this year in the "Non-Profit Brochure" category and the "Business Card" category. Last year she won Silver so this was a big deal! Although the recognition and trophy award was nice, the most rewarding thing about it is the fact that we have the best clients anyone could ask for - you guys! So here's to more award-winning work for only the best. You can read the press release below.

New York, NY (May 29, 2009) - The winners of The 2009 Communicator Awards have been announced by the International Academy of the Visual Arts today.  With over 7000 entries received from across the US and around the world, the Communicator Awards is the largest and most competitive awards program honoring the creative excellence for communications professionals.  Please visit www.communicatorawards.com to view the full winners list.

Graphic Design USA


New York, NY (September 5, 2008) - Graphic Design USA, one of the leading magazines in the US for graphic designers and Creative Professionals has just released the winners for their 2008 American Graphic Design Awards.

Designers from across the nation entered pieces to compete at the national level for publication in the December Design Annual showcasing the "Best of the Best" in the creative world.  Of 10,000 entries less than 15% of the pieces are actually granted this prestigious honor.

Communicator Awards



New York, NY(July 5, 2008) - The winners of The 2008 Communicator Awards have been announced by the International Academy of the Visual Arts today.  With over 8,500 entries from across the US and around the world, the Communicator Awards is the largest and most competitive awards program honoring the creative excellence for communications professionals.

Paige1Media of Broken Arrow, OK was selected as a 2008 Communicator Awards Winner. The firm's design work for Collipsis Web Solutions (www.collipsis.com) received the prestigious Award of Distinction.