Flash Drives

Having a large quantity of teaching or media that needs to be in one place or with one title can be cumbersome when you try to put it all on CDs or DVDs, however, with the Paige1Media, you can put it all on one flash drive designed for each individual company or topic!

With a full color design on each and a huge amount of space, you can make it easier for both the client and yourself! No more losing multiple CDs, worrying about scratches, multiple folios for each series! One flash drive and your client is ready to put it onto their computer or device!

CLIENT RESPONSIBILITIES: Client provides creative direction and needed source files. This includes: Organization logo, photos and Copy (written content) if applicable. Copy must be provided in electronic format, i.e., e-mailed or text file.

DESIGNER PROVIDES: Designer will provide 2 concepts for each piece. Final pieces supplied in .pdf and layered native files.

PROCESS INCLUDES: each piece is handled individually.

2 weeks

FEES: prices set per project requirements.