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Make A Splash

What do you get when you combine water parks, bible verses and activities for kids of all ages? Summer Splash Camp! Hosted by Spirit of Faith Family Church in conjunction with Harvest Family Day Care, Summer Splash is summer fun for kids done right. The poster and event materials designed by Paig1Media are sure to grab attention for the event as the bright colors and strong graphics draw the eye.

A Helping Hand

This new logo from Paige1Media is specially made for a new line of ball glove designed and produced by D-BAT. Partnered with baseball player, Clayton Krenshaw to support his charity foundation, "Krenshaw Challenge" DBAT will be donating proceeds to support Krenshaw's orphanage project. The logo, featuring Crenshaw's initials and signature will be embroidered on each glove in the line.

Keep the Flame Burning

Berean Fellowship Church located in Pennsylvania, has long been associated with the fire of the Holy Spirit. That fire, often represented by the image of a flame. When time came to re-brand, the church wanted to keep that same message in the new logo while creating something a bit more modern and longer lasting. To that end, the new logo was born. In deep hues of red, burgandy and orange, the new logo still depicts the 'flame' of the Holy Spirit, but this time the text and style of the logo will be timeless.

He's Got the Whole World . . .

Faith Life Christian Center makes a declaration to "Cover the Whole Earth" with God's glory. They take this mission with them as they travel and minister across the globe and from their home church based in Texas. Formerly known as Ekklesia Church, the ministry's recent re-branding brings a new perspective and new life to the church family. When sharing their vision for a logo with Paige1Media, the church leaders wanted something that was sure to proclaim God's ability to cover the entire world. This logo does just that.

Everyone Needs Defending

Divine Defense Ministries' mission is twofold. Working with those who have been physically abused the ministry, started by police officer Carol Newell, teaches self-defense techniques and tactics combing them with a strong faith in God to overcome even the most dire circumstances. The logo, featuring a shield and sword visually depicts this mission.

Leave It To The Pros

Former New York Yankee, Homer Bush continues to teach his passion and expertise—now to student athletes with the opportunity to carry on his legacy. To brand his camps and instructional sessions Homer approached Paige1Media about creating a new 'Homer Bush Baseball" logo to use as his personal brand. P1M was delighted to work with the former second-baseman on this project and the end result was a stunning logo featuring the strong swing of a serious ball player.


For the North Carolina's Women's Conference, New Life Church in Cary, NC wanted to sell a special TShirt for the lady's in attendance. The shirt, solid black with silver print, showcases an elegant filigree design complete with the conference theme: FREEDOM. Shirts will be sported proudly during the conference and for years to come.

Filled with Glad Tidings

Glad Tidings Teccoa, a church in Teccoa, GA sought out a new logo after the church moved under new leadership. Using a stylized "gt" initialed look from the name of the church, a variety of shades of blue—known for their calming and healing psychological effects soothes the viewer while showcasing those traits that are predominant in the ministry. Glad Tidings is a place to call home.

Sign Up Today!

The Metro Scout League consists of multiple age groupings. Each group goes through the same sign up and registration process. Paige1Media created a registration form that was both functional and informative while creating excitement around the upcoming scout tournament.



Take Me Out To the Ball Game

The Continental Baseball Federation World Series was in need of a facelift. Hoping for a logo that would showcase the values of the competition as well as stand out on a variety of promotional pieces, the event organizers found just such a piece in the concepts provided by Paige1Media. Used in tandem on T-shirts, flyers and promotional advertising, the new 'look' for the event was featured on their website, created by Paige1Media sister company, Collipsis Web Solutions as well.

An All-American Game

With its red white and blue, there is no doubt that “The Battle of the Borders” is truly and “All American Game”.

The event organizers had trouble narrowing the look down to just one logo and ultimately chose to graphics to convey the message for the tournament.With similar elements and complementary color schemes the dual logos work hand-in-hand to showcase details of the event. For use on T-SHIRTS and a variety of other pieces, these logos go a long way inputting the competition's best foot forward— broaching for states: New Mexico, Oklahoma, Texas, Louisiana and allowing players to show their state pride.