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Celebrate the Fourth In Style

Each year DBAT Training Academy throws a big party to help celebrate our nation's independence. The party is exclusive and you must have a ticket to enter. Paige1Media created this star spectacular design promoting the event and raising awareness for the activities and opportunities included. The event promotion included a double-sided 4" x 6" postcard and double-sided, barcoded tickets.

A Hidden Treasure

In the fourth book design from Paige1Media for Author Ellen Sherrill, a treasure is discovered. Treasure From The Storm— a new story in Ellen's Historical Fiction repertoire, features Sugar Magnolia and her discovery of a body washed up on the tails of a violent storm. The man, still alive is nursed back to health by Magnolia and the story weaves around their interaction.

SQL Anyone?

True to the technology of his profession, Mike Walsh's business card for Straight Path IT Solutions, combines the best of design and technology while maintaining a minimalistic, clean look. Paige1Media designed this card especially for tech enthusiasts everywhere. Mike's status as a Microsoft MVP combined with the mainstream novelty of the included QR code make this business card a big trade success!

A New Way to Jam

Those flat round disks are quickly becoming a thing of the past in today's society. Mp3s and instant downloads are becoming one of the best selling avenues for musical products. That's where the USB Flash Dive comes into place. With a flash drive pre-loaded with MP3s, musicians, speakers and artists now have a way to sell their digital product tangibly. Paige1Media has designed several of these Credit Card sized Flash Drives including this one from Bruce and Cindy Black Ministries. This drive, features music considered "The Best of Cindy Black"

A New Beginning

In this two semester teaching resource from Spirit of Faith Family Church, Pastor Jay Eberly expounds and explores the powers of healing found in the scriptures. Paige1Media brings a refreshing flavor to the "Christ the Healer" 2 Part set, by creating companion designs that compliment and complete one another. The designs are similar but feature different color butterflies signifying the various parts of the series.


Judge a Book

Judging a Book by it's cover may sound cliche but the fact remains that it happens. What you might not be aware of is that we also judge them by how good their promotional sell sheet is. This sheet, boasting the advantages and features of 100 Fact Every Person Should Know About God, is a perfect example. Paige1Media creates a sell sheet that compliments the book's cover design while still promoting the publisher and author.

Get a Hand

Parents can find the helping hand they need to raise their kids by visiting Karen Jensen Ministry's Facebook Fan page. The page, inspired by Karen's website was created to give parents a location to find daily inspiration and life saving tips from Karen's arsenal as she gains momentum through her Parenting With Purpose resources and teaching series'. Paige1Media designed a Facebook profile image that would feature Karen, her logo and help to promote her Parenting resources to the new social media audience.

Become a Part of Something

If you're ready to take that next step and become a part of an elite baseball organization then D-BAT is your destination. This new membership form and flyer, designed by Paige1Media makes your sign up process a breeze. While the front side is strictly registration form, the back of the flyer is dedicated to explaining the various plans and activities available to D-BAT Members. What are you waiting for?

Walking in Love

This new CD resource from Pastor Debbie Eberly of Spirit of Faith Family Church is sure to bring a smile to even the worst of days. Featuring an apple with a perfect heart shape cut away, "Love Leads The Way" is a great series to help you perfect your love walk. You'll LOVE the CD insert and matching CD label from Paige1Media.

To Serve and Protect

Divine Defense ministries ,spearheaded by a police officer, exists to help create confidence and self defense skills in abuse victims. The design features the gold shields and swords in the logo and combines them with the dark black background so that they will really pop and attract attention. The stationary set, existing of letterhead, business cards and matching envelopes is a must for presenting a professional message.

Looking for Change?

Look no farther. At Life Triumphant Church of Northern Ireland, our goal is to provide you with a chruch experience unlike any other. We are a church for the whole family! This informational flyer created by Paige1Media highlights some of the differences that make LTC stand out from the rest and includes a calendar of the larger events for the year.