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Silent Scream Tipsheet

Dee Phillips brings to My Silent Scream the story of her struggles in raising her two sons, especially the difficulty of raising one with three different learning disorders along with a mood disorder. It is not only a story of hope, however, but one of hope and overcoming challenges. Paige1Media brings an accurate representation in this flyer as it portrays the light colors of a beach with a purple sky that inspires tranquility even in the midst of adversity.

Briggeman Pain & Wellness

Briggeman Pain & Wellness stands by the statement You’re purpose is stronger than your pain. That’s why Paige1Media brings a logo that is full of purpose. It is simple and clean, with a relaxing feel to it that identifies what the institution is all about.

Thrive International Page

New media awareness Since the Thrive Rescue Home is still a dream with big hopes for the future, Paige1Media brings them a Facebook Fan Page that reflects that. Right in it’s profile picture, we see the women of Pattaya Thailand, the ‘world capital for child sex trafficking´. But what’s most important in it’s profile picture are the words Rescue, restore and release, it’s main mission for when they plan on opening their first home there. It is complete in it’s mission statement on the Information section of the page and another important aspect for the home’s social media is the fact that the home has it’s Facebook username secure.

Walk in the Light

Walking in the Light CD Paige1Media brings a CD design so clear in its message that the title would not have to be inserted. Walking in the light shows us two big doors opening to reveal an abundance of light. The title however, is designed in a purple tone, that reflects the light from the doors off, revealing it’s brightness.

Letterhead for Word and Spirit Publishing

Spirit Letter Word and Spirit Publishing, a company focused on spreading the message of Christ through it’s books, breathes an air of peace through the letterhead designed by Paige1Media. In it, it’s easy-going logo with an aqua colored dove on top rests on top of the sky blue paper. The name of the president are visible and subtle enough to not bother in the reading of the letter. And even though it appears to be a classic letterhead, at the bottom we find not only their physical address, but its the web site and email addresses as well.

Running Your Race

Paige1Media brings an inspiring CD cover for Jay Eberly Ministries on The Word of Faith and Victory. Without reading the title, however, it’s core message is present in its design, with a man running in the open wilderness without any seeming imitations, and with the obstacles of mountains behind him. The information needed to get to know the ministry is not forgotten, with the name of the pastor and its web page address printed on the cover.

Thriving in Pattaya

Paige1Media’s design for the Thrive Rescue Home captures the essence of what the organization stands for, the fact that everyone can do something against sex trafficking. It does not let us forget, either of the sex trafficking capital of the world, Pattaya, Thailand. The t-shirt design raises awareness, not only of the pending problem, but also of the hope that comes in a home where the girls will be rescued and allowed to thrive.

The Life-Filled Logo

New Life Church is a church with a simple mission: To build a great church. It’s founders, Mark and Dee McKinney, went to North Carolina with that clear mission in mind. And with its 300 guest membership, that’s what the church is about. It is no surprise, then, that the logo Paige1Media created for their conference reflects the life they bring. The warm colors create an inviting environment, while the trees inside of the letters illustrate the abundant life that comes out of them. Altogether, the logo is warm and inviting, worthy of a great church.

Doors of Destiny

At Spirit of Faith Family Church, The Timothy Project serves as Jay Eberly’s mentoring institute for the ministry. For its audio CD cover, Paige1Media created a very appropriate double door entrance underneath an elegant arch. It denotes exactly what the institute is about, opening doors of knowledge and destiny to the students who are attending it.

Get Drafted

D-Bat, a baseball and softball training academy with locations around the United States, has managed to get a significant amount of its trainees drafted or into the big leagues. Page1Media features their success with a poster that lists their drafted players, with pictures of their major league players on top.

A Night at D-Bat

Paige1Media creates a flyer that brings the excitement of a night of ball game to promote D-Bat’s special activity. At one of their newest facilities, D-Bat Tulsa, D-Bat will host a time of free pitching machines, drawings for lessons, camps and bats, along with a free cage rental good for the coach’s and teams next visit.