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3 Of A Kind

At Gracepointe Church in PeachTree City, GA they believe in not just speaking to the congregation, but teaching them along the way by providing resource to help them grow in their Christian walks. One of these resources is "The Journey" at Gracepointe. The Journey is comprise of three parts: Foundations, Membership, and Discovering Your Gifts. Each lesson is packed in a beautiful booklet designed by Paige1Media and destined to turn this teaching series into something recipients will hold on to for years to come.

Family Discounts

For large ministers meeting, Collipsis Web solutions put together a special brochure filled with examples, services and special coupons for all attendees at the event. The double-sided 3 panel brochure designed by Paige1Media, was a conference success and served as an informative hub for potential clients.

A New Life

Filled with photos and updates from recent events the New Life Church Facebook Fan page is a hub of activity. Paige1Media created a compelling profile image for the page, sporting the church's logo and photos of the senior pastors. The web address and a photo of the current church location can also easily be found on the facebook page. Become a fan today: https://www.facebook.com/newlifechurchn

Breaking the Cycle of Self-Deception

Dr. Billy J. Rash's book, "The Way of Cain" is a great study into the life of perhaps the most famous murderer of all time. Dr Rash explores the cycle of self-deception and shares his startling revelation as only he can. The book cover, designed by Paige1Media is an twist on one of the strongest icons of the early days of the Garden of Eden: the apple. To compliment the strong reds, bright greens and bold blues create an eye-catching cover that will have readers pulling this title off the shelf

Go Through the Door

With a doorway beckoning to be explored Paige1Media creates a graphic invitation to enter into a new realm of life. Spirit of Faith Family Church releases their newest CD resource: The Edification Gifts" created to open a doorway into a greater move of the Spirit by Pastor Jay Eberly

Make A Splash

What do you get when you combine water parks, bible verses and activities for kids of all ages? Summer Splash Camp! Hosted by Spirit of Faith Family Church in conjunction with Harvest Family Day Care, Summer Splash is summer fun for kids done right. The poster and event materials designed by Paig1Media are sure to grab attention for the event as the bright colors and strong graphics draw the eye.

A Helping Hand

This new logo from Paige1Media is specially made for a new line of ball glove designed and produced by D-BAT. Partnered with baseball player, Clayton Krenshaw to support his charity foundation, "Krenshaw Challenge" DBAT will be donating proceeds to support Krenshaw's orphanage project. The logo, featuring Crenshaw's initials and signature will be embroidered on each glove in the line.

Keep the Flame Burning

Berean Fellowship Church located in Pennsylvania, has long been associated with the fire of the Holy Spirit. That fire, often represented by the image of a flame. When time came to re-brand, the church wanted to keep that same message in the new logo while creating something a bit more modern and longer lasting. To that end, the new logo was born. In deep hues of red, burgandy and orange, the new logo still depicts the 'flame' of the Holy Spirit, but this time the text and style of the logo will be timeless.

He's Got the Whole World . . .

Faith Life Christian Center makes a declaration to "Cover the Whole Earth" with God's glory. They take this mission with them as they travel and minister across the globe and from their home church based in Texas. Formerly known as Ekklesia Church, the ministry's recent re-branding brings a new perspective and new life to the church family. When sharing their vision for a logo with Paige1Media, the church leaders wanted something that was sure to proclaim God's ability to cover the entire world. This logo does just that.

Everyone Needs Defending

Divine Defense Ministries' mission is twofold. Working with those who have been physically abused the ministry, started by police officer Carol Newell, teaches self-defense techniques and tactics combing them with a strong faith in God to overcome even the most dire circumstances. The logo, featuring a shield and sword visually depicts this mission.

Leave It To The Pros

Former New York Yankee, Homer Bush continues to teach his passion and expertise—now to student athletes with the opportunity to carry on his legacy. To brand his camps and instructional sessions Homer approached Paige1Media about creating a new 'Homer Bush Baseball" logo to use as his personal brand. P1M was delighted to work with the former second-baseman on this project and the end result was a stunning logo featuring the strong swing of a serious ball player.