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Anecdotal Branding

Similar to its recovered refugees, Thrive Rescue home has a new name, a new face, and a story to tell, starting with its studio quality marketing material. All well-crafted branding arrangement tells a story line without having to explain the reasons behind its mission or values. Thrive goes a step further with this artistic brochure that depict theirstories in eloquent prose and patterns effacing its deep-rooted culture. Making a statement with every stroke of the brush, P1M illustrates the power of anecdotal branding.



New Life. New Media.

Paige1Media has a fresh addition to its new media repertoire. These stunning PowerPoint presentations are fully representative of the innate blend between design and functionality. Simplifying the process between communicative vices and visual pleasure, P1M maximizes the retention your audience maintains, all the while increasing brand perception. It's the little things that matter when developing a market presence and elevating to a level of professionalism others are still trying to conceptualize is key. New Life Christian Fellowship embraces the standard in presentation media with interchangeable displays for its canonical content.



Grand Slam Deal

Another year at bat? Don't waste your time in the on deck circle waiting for your turn to swing. Come celebrate your home plate arrival this year at a D-BAT facility. Paige1Media adds a nostalgic touch to this promotional piece any baseball-loving parent will enjoy. If your child can’t get enough baseball, then a birthday party at D-BAT with a professional instructor and free batting cage tokens along with other take home prizes sounds like a grand slam deal for you too. D-BAT even provides a party room to accommodate your planning needs. Baseball family? P1M's got the place for you.



Harvesting Summer Fun

Days are getting warmer, the sun is shining brighter, and school is almost out. It could only mean one thing. Summer is here! As the end of the school year approaches, a formidable question arises for working parents. "Where will I find a place that ensures a fun, safe, and wholesome time for my rough and tumblers?" Look no further, Paige1Media relieves all brushes with fire with a poster-sized coolant. P1M teams up with Harvest Christian Daycare and Learning Center to promote a K-5 summer program that parents and kids alike have been waiting for. Reading contests, arts and crafts, field trips, ice cream, scripture contests, and more saturate the list of heavy duty summer schemes. So let Harvest Christian Daycare and Learning Center take care of your little ones while Paige1Media gets the word out in refreshing promotional style.



It's a Girl!

It’s a girl! The Griffis family anticipates the welcome home of baby Ginn, and what better way to celebrate than by hosting a surprise baby shower. Planning a shower can be a lot of work, but don’t let the invites be your main concern. Paige1Media provides go-to planning service with eye-catching hues and a visible layout of party details. This high resolution invite created for flyer sendoff sets the stage for a perfectly planned event that’s sure to be next in line to baby Ginn as the talk of the party.



Lines of Love

Thrive Rescue Home in Pattaya, Thailand sustains itself on an outreaching humanitarian undertaking. Its a place of genesis that unfurls a sense of compassion throughout the community, creating lines of love from which to permeate. Adorning a freshly kissed cherry red logo, the tattered stains of this rescue home bleed through the worn arches that compose its organic mission. It's about thriving at the Thailand rescue shelter, and that's the kind of pictorial Paige1Media captures in this powerful display.



Connecting with Community

Harvest Christian Daycare and Learning Center broadcasts another offering from Paige1Media's advertising and event development repertoire. This ad for the Christian Advertising Directory of Iowa lists a host of announcements vitally important to the organization. Explore the opportunity to join a new community of believers and realize your full potential in the Kingdom church. Now accepting enrollment for both daycare and pre-school ages, HCD is thrilled to provide a revamped facility, state-of-the-art classrooms, creative teaching methods, and much more within the Spirit of Faith community. It's about connecting and P1M has the right designs in mind for any media avenues.



A New Life

Spirit of Faith Family Church invites you to come worship and learn about our Savior Jesus Christ Wednesday nights at 7 PM and Sunday mornings at 10 AM. Pastors Jay & Debbie Eberly offer churchgoers a chance to experience the resurrected life like you've never experienced before. Enjoy the services that SOFFC has worked hard to put together, including youth experiences, daycare, and pre-school adventures. This Yellow Pages ad designed by Paige1Media forecasts the welcoming of many new church members. Come be a part of the growing community at Spirit of Faith.



Summer Fun is Here!

It's summer splash time at Harvest Christian Daycare and Learning Center in Cedar Rapids. Hop on board the season long express hosted by Spirit of Faith Family Church and its partners kicking off with a water park carnival featuring moon bounces, bible studies, surfing and more during the Summer Splash events. Summer Fun lasts through August with field trips and expeditions for your child's learning experience. With ads like these from Paige1Media, the fun's already beginning and sure to hit high tide as sign ups roll through. Don't let your little ones miss out on the time of their lives!



10 Questions

If you knew the answers to ten questions that could change your perception and alter the course of your life forever, would you dare to inquire? 10 Questions That Could Change Your Life: Being in Position to Receive from God by Karen Jensen is the culmination of many hard nights spent agonizing over the proverbial "why, God why." Rising out of a background with plenty of pain, loss, and suffering, Jensen walks believers through the victories that already await those who have faith to believe. Bring your spiritual walk back into plain view with this appropriately punctuated cover by Paige1Media.



Why God, Why?

Why God, Why? What To Do When You Have Questions audio series by Karen Jensen tracks more than its lamenting title suggests. Examine the reality of why your situation troubles you as Karen Jensen transforms your knowledge of scriptures into a room full of answers found only in the Word of God. Don't be led astray from knowing there is one right and one wrong, the knowledge of which will set you free. Portraying a man cradling his head in fierce agony, Paige1Media captures a sense of necessity before the healing indeed begins.