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Thriving in Pattaya

Paige1Media’s design for the Thrive Rescue Home captures the essence of what the organization stands for, the fact that everyone can do something against sex trafficking. It does not let us forget, either of the sex trafficking capital of the world, Pattaya, Thailand. The t-shirt design raises awareness, not only of the pending problem, but also of the hope that comes in a home where the girls will be rescued and allowed to thrive.

The Life-Filled Logo

New Life Church is a church with a simple mission: To build a great church. It’s founders, Mark and Dee McKinney, went to North Carolina with that clear mission in mind. And with its 300 guest membership, that’s what the church is about. It is no surprise, then, that the logo Paige1Media created for their conference reflects the life they bring. The warm colors create an inviting environment, while the trees inside of the letters illustrate the abundant life that comes out of them. Altogether, the logo is warm and inviting, worthy of a great church.

Doors of Destiny

At Spirit of Faith Family Church, The Timothy Project serves as Jay Eberly’s mentoring institute for the ministry. For its audio CD cover, Paige1Media created a very appropriate double door entrance underneath an elegant arch. It denotes exactly what the institute is about, opening doors of knowledge and destiny to the students who are attending it.

Get Drafted

D-Bat, a baseball and softball training academy with locations around the United States, has managed to get a significant amount of its trainees drafted or into the big leagues. Page1Media features their success with a poster that lists their drafted players, with pictures of their major league players on top.

A Night at D-Bat

Paige1Media creates a flyer that brings the excitement of a night of ball game to promote D-Bat’s special activity. At one of their newest facilities, D-Bat Tulsa, D-Bat will host a time of free pitching machines, drawings for lessons, camps and bats, along with a free cage rental good for the coach’s and teams next visit.

Just Look for the Cap

A fresh logo for Mobile Home Guy features a green home, that looks just cool and just warm enough to keep your house in the most comfortable conditions. We are reminded of its down to earth services with a cap on top of the house. Page1Media gives Mobile Home Guy a fresh start after 30 years of services in safety and security.

P1M Joins Social Tech Pop's List of America's Top 35 Business Cards

Featured in one of Social Tech Pop's headline articles, Paige1Media splashes the front cover of the premier popular culture and technology blog with a line that says it all - America’s Top 35 Business Cards. Business cards at best, are vitally used to grab the attention of their audience members and to make a lasting impression. Selected for unusual clarity and deepening use of color, Paige1Media finds root among 34 other highly creative designs.

At number 7, Paige1Media's card is coated in a creamy orange texture that features a translucent backdrop and broken line for softened exaggeration. The gradient finish across the central line enriches the piece and adds a sense of depth to the design. What's unique even more about this layered piece of art, is that graphic designer JP Jones pulls it all together with faded points of service in the backdrop, including logos, book typesets, newsletters, and more.

Branding a picture perfect business card may not be the easiest thing to do but when you've struck gold, you know you have that winning look, and networking becomes second nature too. To read the full article from Social Tech Pop's list of most notable business cards, click here.

Will the Real Church Please Stand Up?

You've heard of altar calls and prayer calls no less but have you heard this commercial line bellowed out over the pews across the pulpit and into the hearts of a startled people? Author James David Montgomery challenges believers to rediscover their purpose both inside and outside the church with a read that's sure to reignite one's passion for a Christ-centered life. Will the Real Church Please Stand Up? asks every follower to examine deep within himself or herself to find out if they're really in tune with the Kingdom call on their lives. Paige1Media distributes the service bulletin with this encrypted golden mahogany coloration, masterfully planned from corner to corner. Realizing that to be a follower of Christ means dying to oneself and giving God full control, Montgomery separates the talkers from the walkers in his latest composition.



My Silent Scream

My Silent Scream features a cataclysmic of events that portray the very internal secrets of the human experience. Finding out that there's more to life than the circumstances that surround us, Dee Phillips-Goodnight makes a case and point for the struggles that keep us from surrendering to the hope and grace only offered from above. With a clean cover to take in the breaths of exhaustive redemption, Paige1Media adds character to the already soft exterior and depth to an endless swirl of rhythmic bliss. Tied together by a cordial font, this display is anything but ordinary.



The 2011 International Business Awards Selects Panel Judge Paige1Media

Hand-selected as a panel judge for the 2011 International Business Awards, Paige1Media welcomes the honor of previewing entries on design and marketing effectiveness of many Fortune 500 companies. Some of the most top tier businesses around the world, including Best Buy, Hilton Hotels, BMW, and Accenture, have submitted entries to the competition and will be scored by the quality and clarity of their work.

According to the IBA, the Stevie Awards are the World's Premier Business Awards formed to recognize the achievements and work of organizations worldwide. Beginning in 2002, the awards have been hosted every year in honor of exceptional advertising and outstanding marketing championed by many prolific names in business.

Currently, there are four different Stevie Awards competitions, including The International Business Awards, The American Business Awards, The Stevie Awards for Women in Business, and the Stevie Awards for Sales and Customer Service. Each category winner receives a Stevie Award in the respective competition, which they compete.

The Stevie Awards is sponsored by leading business-to-business publishers and marketers and is overseen by a Board of Distinguished Judges and Advisors that include some of the top names in the industry.

This year Paige1Media will have the opportunity to serve on the prestigious panel of judges and oversee the work of numerous candidates offering their cream of the crop advertising and media. To find out more about the Stevie Awards or the International Business Awards competition, visit the organization's web site at www.StevieAwards.com/IBA.

Church Planting For Beginners

Planting churches can be a very difficult task. From planning and taking the time to really understand location logistics, it can be a very daunting process all together. However, with a little help from those who've been there and faced the same set of obstacles that await every pioneer, there's plenty of knowledge to be gleaned from the writers in this blog centered community. Paige1Media provides the grassroots logo for this organic feature and gives readers an intuitively simple and graphically appeasing way to identify with the subject matter.