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Your New Life

New believers are often challenged the most when it comes to staying on the path less traveled. Although the body unites around these saints, it's the times spent alone in the Word that causes them to keep pressing onward toward the goal for the prize of the upward call of God in Jesus Christ. Tim Goad, singer, speaker, writer, and dynamic leader, realizes that these times are rudimentary in a born again Christian's life and, therefore, imperative for working knowledge to be planted on the inside of every heart so that it springs forth in the harvest season. In his new book, Your New Life: Next Steps to Powerful Living, Goad illustrates the purpose and call of deciding to follow Jesus through six biblical steps. Never again will you be alone. Paige1Media adds imagery and color to a rich testimony of the love of God.



Summer Skip

Summertime is nearly here. Camp registrations are in full swing and camp hosts are capitalizing on elaborate displays to capture their target audience. D-BAT's found a way to separate its own from the crowd with these magnificent color splashed CD cover displays from Paige1Media. It's no wonder these camps are a hit. With brilliant "take homes" that capture moments of your child's first baseball experience, the decision to sign up this year has already been made. Enjoy these and more from Paige1Media's custom CD galleries.



God Loves Women

Freshly designed and crisply packaged, Paige1Media and Paige1Publishing team up to bring you the latest from Scarlett Harrington in her book entitled God Loves Women. So many times we can operate under the misconception that the Gospel favors man, and that the role of women is simply a supporting member of the body. And although women so uniquely and undeniably fill that role, there remains the stigma that women are not called to serve in a more prominent casting. Contrastingly, we have seen women in history take the helm of any such calling that's been placed on their life no matter what the partisan preference. Harrington shows women that not only is fulfilling any undertaking all part of God's perfect design but it's also meant to demonstrate the fact that God does, indeed, love women. From Creation, women continue to demonstrate the awesome power that God has placed in their lives. Equally so, men have recognized the need to recognize that God is a rewarder of anyone who steps out and operates in His perfect calling.



Summer Youth Camps On Fire

Attention youth pastors! Planning a summer outreach? Or maybe you've organized the month long camp of the century. In any case, make an impression on your parents and church members with collateral to go beyond the duffel of overnight essentials. These branded items from Spirit of Faith Family Church are catching fire around the community. Sign ups are happening faster than ever and Paige1Media is fueling the flames. Take a look at these incredible advertisement and media custom designed pieces for SFFC. It doesn't take much forethought to recognize the kind of response your months of planning will receive when everything looks like it's been professionally outfitted to match your growing vision.



Competing With the Best

From designer wear to the giant athletic brand powerhouses, corporations find some way to make your gear and evening attire stand out from the rest. Paige1Media's adding another label to the mix with these athletic looking apparel tags from D-BAT Sports. We often ask ourselves what goes better together than a sleek, sporty logo on a drywear top. OK, maybe we don't ask ourselves those kinds of questions but our clients do and they're always on top of their game. Paige1Media's delivering knockout blows right and left.


Rapid Response Tracks

God is your Healer CD audio series from Karen Jensen Ministries fully captures the power of His promises identified through Scripture. Standing on a message of victory over sickness, Jensen walks listeners through biblical passages that encourage believers to start seeing themselves as "the healed" and not the "sick". She's delivered the Word as a traveling minister for more than 20 years, seeing the lame walk and blind eyes opened, and now she shares God's healing message in a Paige1Media custom EKG display case illustrating the power of life and death we carry in our words.

Winter's Fabric

The 2011 Winter Women's Meeting is synonymous with all things inspiring as well as enlightening. Gathering around for this year's conference in pastel blue, mothers and daughters are pushing the boundaries and stretching their horizons around topics of love, family, and most importantly the purpose and call of a life effacing Jesus Christ. Homogenizing the conference theme on a brightly designed uniform, Paige1Media makes note of the mission in elegant print. "Where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is liberty" stretches from sleeve to sleeve in purposeful dictation. It's a time of unity and learning you won't want to miss.



Gifts of All Grains

Pick your color, choose your length, and square up to the plate with a last minute seasonal offering from Paige1Media. D-BAT prides itself on its famous wood bat collection, prominently seen throughout various baseball communities. What's unique about these custom logs is the quality of wood used to make them. The bat company chooses only the best grains, which are tempered and stored to perfection, so that your game can best benefit from the hard work you've put forward. Take a swing from the professionals and give your product line some much needed presence.


Tipping the Reader

The most interesting stories are best packaged in a tip sheet for the publisher or news scavenger who's been searching for just the right story. What Every Woman Wants In a Man falls in the category of literature that cannot be surmised by only a back cover and deserves some additional highlights. Paige1Media makes an effort to tip potential readers of the enchanting best-seller from A.L. Fiascanaro with a celebratory display of facts and figures. Highlighted on this release is not only the specifications for Word & Spirit Books' successful release but a description along with features and benefits to complement the scenic display. Take a tip from the the best and let your reader's know what they can expect.


ABC's of the Holy Spirit

In her latest audio CD collection, Karen Jensen provides an educational breakdown of the divine power that causes us to live a life of victory in the affectionately titled ABC's of the Holy Spirit. Understanding the third member of the Trinity can be challenging if you're not careful about what your ears are hearing and what your eyes are seeing. In the House of the Lord, God's Word teaches that the Holy Spirit is a powerful being that can flow in and out of a person if one is willing to learn and has a heart to please God. Capturing knowledge of the Spirit in a playful cover, Paige1Media highlights the direction of Jensen's curriculum with A+ work.



Drinks Anyone?

Patrons are thirsty and ice cold beverages from the vending machines aren't fitting the bill. What do you do? Delivering replenishments from the tap, bar, fountain, and grind is your next home run idea. Although D-BAT specializes in making ballplayers, there's always room for the occasional service if it involves satisfying their customers' basic needs. Sip to the sound of your star athlete making progress on his short hand swing or catching the throw down from home plate, and take a load off after a hard day's work. You've earned it. Paige1Media adds cool variety on a hot day with this refreshing display of menu item beverages.