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101 Facts About God

Ever thought about how much there is to know about God and whether or not you could summarize what you know from cover to cover? Author Chuck Coggins has thought long and hard about the facts every person should know and while he doesn't claim to have a fully exhausted list, he's encompassed 101 aspects in his latest novel entitled just that. His is a story of redemption – from the wanderers' cries out of Egypt into the Promised Land to the fulfillment of Scripture through His Son Jesus Christ dying on the cross, there's no end to all that He is. Knowing a little more about the character and person of God provides an opportunity to peer inside pages of the Bible and find new meaning through His grace and testimony. Paige1Media adds pictorial adage through artful cover design with a glossy display featuring the idea of a vast wilderness in comparison to God's fully incomprehensible nature.

Designing For Peace of Mind

Embodied by simple elegance that speaks volumes about the comfort and safety of your loved ones, Bailey Family Funeral Home showcases a revitalized logo for its caretaker services and tombstone settings. Paige1Media delivers the kinds of design you can trust with a pure black and white concept circled by an official crest-like seal over a winning stripe. Safe and sound under an umbrella of excellence, BFFH is ready to offer you the peace of mind you've been looking for at the quality you can appreciate.

Spring Break Camps

Spring Break is just around the corner and with your little ones escaping school for a whole week brings the stress of whipping up a week long vacation of fun in the sun. Thankfully, D-BAT comes to the rescue with camps to satisfy Spring Breakers of all ages and even a chance for them to freshen up on their skills before the season hits. It's a win-win for everybody with Paige1Media keeping score on an action-packed, splattered green flyer outlining the dates and times of academy camps. Spring Break is here. Is your team ready?


Top 200 of the Year

Make a statement. Celebrate your top customers or clients with festive flyers that match your unique branding. Sure to be a hit over the holidays, D-BAT franchise owners show their appreciation for faithful sports lovers with mail-out vouchers for Pro Shop gear and other buy one, get one free promotions. In the spirit of giving, it's never too early to to show your customers how much you appreciate them for their business. Have Paige1Media design your next formal token of gratitude.



Capitalism and You

Strategically grounded in the Word of Faith, God Gave Capitalism To You by Jim Morrison is an enlightening business publication that releases faith principles over one's financial perspectives. Trusting that the All-Knowing has provided a clear path for your financial success with the tools to get you there, Morrison explores the methods that add up to Godly money management. It's not too often we see such an articulate point of view chronicled over the believer's money matters, but Morrison adds understanding to an untouched subject and Paige1Media qualifies the entry with a pinpoint cover.



To Your Friends and Mine

"It Ain't Over 'Til It's Over!" greeting cards by Paige1Media are a wonderful way of encouraging that special loved one who needs just a little more support to get over the final hump. Or maybe surprise a longtime friend with something new and creative from an up and coming author. Grab a set of these unique gloss-coated and personalized cards based off the popular book Splinters: The Pain, The Passion, The Point by Barbara Howell. We like them so much we even carry them with us wherever we go.



The DNA of a Brochure

Start. Send. Sustain. The anthem of Faith Christian Fellowship International heard 'round the world adds words to images with a custom brochure detailing FCF's annual missions campaign. Scrolled on a textured canvas, the call to the regions shines sky blue, unfolding into a single landscape view featuring an opportunity to join the mission. Partnering with FCF to reach the nations for Jesus Christ is more than just fulfilling the call; it's in our DNA.



Cotton Forward

What goes together better than kids and youth camps? Kids and t-shirts at youth camps. "I Am NOT Ashamed" and "Summer Fire 2011 Youth Camp" designs are hot off the presses this year and sure to be a hit among the cladded campers roaming the grounds searching for truth and meaning in their own lives. Making statements with these Ts is what it's all about and Paige1Media weaves trendy into cotton.




Postcards of Praise

Spirit of Faith Family Church packages an uplifting message of comfort and belief in a thoughtful way. A golden sun-cast sky adorns this Paige1Media original, contrasted by a man with his arms extended heavenward in praise and devotion. We believe you have received because we have prayed for you today declares the Prayer Postcard. Purely undefined from corner to corner, we hope this bulletin of love proclaims the same good measure in your home today.



Scenic Strokes

Hazel Dell Baptist Church of McLoud, Oklahoma is probably best known for its rich community of faithful men and women. They're a strong-knit group that gathers together over biblical principles and a devotion to Christian fellowship. In thinking of a logo redesign for the body of believers, Paige1Media carried certain themes across plains and people, producing a countryside motif that softens the lens of the onlooker. Contrasting elements give new birth to the church's look while the same community-based thread thrives at the core. It's a blend of people and passion, centered on a zest for life itself.



The I&D of Portable Design

It's a well known fact that trade shows make great opportunities to sell an idea, a product, or even a future relationship. But have you ever thought about a franchise? Dallas Baseball Academy of Texas prides itself on establishing fundamental coach-like relationships with its franchise owners. So what better way to market their idea than to set up a trade show experience at some of its recruiting and promotional events. Paige1Media provides the high gloss to these full length displays with an eye for maximum visibility. One showcases D-BAT products while the other captures the allure of owning your own franchised academy. It's these kind of pictorial ads that make attracting investors and entrepreneurs a winning idea.