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Mounting Media

Mounting an image of prolific proportions, Mountz Media makes a unique impression on the literary community with this refined logo from Paige1Media's drawing board. Tracing imaginary flat lines across the horizontal concept, P1M gives birth to a fresh perspective on the art of symmetry that creates the backbone for the gradient red triumph. Providing a touch of fantasy and symbolic beauty for the reader to connect, MM&P is designing its own future with a logo that encompasses all of its firm pursuits. It's a powerful combination that brings new to the old and order to the disarray.


Xtreme Love

Pure and undying love goes to the max with a logo bent on strong impressions. His love shines through the paper display with daunting hints of a sacrifice worth emblematizing. Xtreme Love Church logo serves as a faithful reminder of the cross that's borne for the Savior whose sacrifice separated us all. From the depths of despair to the road less taken, the connection between eternal life and love stands spirited in a Paige1Media original, flawlessly sculpted from elements of His story.



Basil the Barbarian

Basil the Barbarian is more than just a clever name to pin to a poster or graphic illustration. Basil is the composition of a young man's heart. It's the boy who cries out for his Etch A Sketch®, his notepad, his pens. It's the girl who knows no limits when it comes to making blends. Basil is the fresh perspective we've yet to see and the picture that's recreated in our fantasy. So grab an eraser, some drawing utensils, and pad portfolio, Paige1Media's BTB logo pops right off the page at you.



Grand Opening

D-BAT Tulsa prepares for its grand opening as Paige1Media sets the tone with this diamond ready flyer. Be a part of the latest sports training franchise and grab a seat behind the dugout before the first inning. Extending its reach across the Midwest, D-BAT announces the welcomed addition of its fully furnished, state of the art facility, with all the amenities you find in the locally owned and operated franchises in the southwest. Highlighting the action, P1M captures the play-by-play leaving room for a stylistic touch from her own repertoire of full length custom advertisements.



And the Crowd Goes Wild

Who said you can't brand thin strips of dried, salted meat? Paige1Media extends the branding flavor across these custom beef jerky labels for D-BAT sports. For the baseball powerhouse, it's a win-win move. Ball players often find themselves needing a quick pick-me-up between innings and these packaged products are sure to draw the crowds. Take a hint from some of the wildest designs across the web, and make your next big idea a P1M induced success.

Wireless Trademarking

Are you connected? Ministry Mobile takes the mobile rhythm to a whole new level with this SMS bound logo. Paige1Media's icon usage gathers acclaimed popularity and notable meaning with an innovative take on mobile media. Using popular fads and applying them to emerging design, this logo captures the expectations a wireless trademark needs and applies them to tangible property. It's a whole new kind of language and P1M's deciphering the code.



Language of Love

What Every Woman Wants In a Man comes to your library in Spanish flare with this festive cover from Paige1Media. Conquistador spirits gather around as A.L. Fiasconaro draws the maps unveiling the passions and secrets a woman holds dear in her search for love. An underlying theme emerges beneath the hidden treasures as P1M brings to life authentic 1970's Mexican art to bridge the gap between the language of love and this priceless title. Let Lo Que Toda Mujer Quiere En un Hombre satisfy your youthful nature and zest for cultural pleasure.




Whispers of Heaven by Rosalie Faye and Storment Higbee is a 90-day devotional full of insightful and uplifting words in biblical context displayed with purposeful conviction. Spend time feeding your Spirit Man in the guided words of these learned authors. Paige1Media delivers a fresh cover uniquely tied to the wisdom that prevails from within the heavenly text. With typesetting to match the floral cover, Whispers becomes a joy to read upon every page turn.



The 17th Annual Communicator Awards Winners

The results are in! Paige1Media takes an honorary bow among thousands of entries received all over the world by the Communicator Awards in its 17th Annual distinctive program. Judged by the International Academy of the Visual Arts, The Communicator Awards are hosted every year with the intent of providing sound, critical acknowledgment of the most competitive arts and media each consecutive year brings to the podium. Not only are traditional works of print value entered into the competition, but also digital and interactive pieces with particular attention to evolving strategies in all categories.

Paige1Media takes home two awards this year for outstanding achievement in the print media category. One gold was awarded for the Summer Fire Event Promo package entry and a silver for the FCF Missions Brochure. Performing up to par under high-ranking expectations, P1M proudly showcases these awards on behalf of her clients, whose inspirational ideas generate articles of pure excellence every year.

Particular honor was recognized this year for high level of work reflecting a growing awareness of the digital world in which we live. P1M continue to demonstrate excellent perspective of these media relevant and industry prevalent advances through the addition of new media articles to her repertoire. Take a look at these and more at www.Paige1Media.com.



Anecdotal Branding

Similar to its recovered refugees, Thrive Rescue home has a new name, a new face, and a story to tell, starting with its studio quality marketing material. All well-crafted branding arrangement tells a story line without having to explain the reasons behind its mission or values. Thrive goes a step further with this artistic brochure that depict theirstories in eloquent prose and patterns effacing its deep-rooted culture. Making a statement with every stroke of the brush, P1M illustrates the power of anecdotal branding.



New Life. New Media.

Paige1Media has a fresh addition to its new media repertoire. These stunning PowerPoint presentations are fully representative of the innate blend between design and functionality. Simplifying the process between communicative vices and visual pleasure, P1M maximizes the retention your audience maintains, all the while increasing brand perception. It's the little things that matter when developing a market presence and elevating to a level of professionalism others are still trying to conceptualize is key. New Life Christian Fellowship embraces the standard in presentation media with interchangeable displays for its canonical content.