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The Death of I

The story that resonates from the hills of you and I, The Death of Queen Me: How I Cried till I Died & Then Lived Happily Ever After is a sheer work of art from the introspective mind of Peggy Rice. As the story goes, the selfless work of one's testimony is the best part of any fairytale. Losing one's self to make room for the priorities of another, even possible in this day and age, gives readers a chance to rediscover the simple life can be most rewarding when it's not about one person – I. Depicting this masterful text is a cover design only imaginable by the realistic mind of Paige1Media. Adding the typeset and publishing finesse, Paige1Publishing gives rich texture to an already captivating story. Dive right in to this fair fitting tale of how one queen lost her appetite for me and found something all the more worthwhile.



Cards That Match Your Personality

Public relations and communications specialist Jessica Dues is set for shining lights with this cosmic teal card to match her unique personality. She's everything but subdued when it comes to creating her own landscapes, so Paige1Media recognized the need for something bold. The front of this dramatic business card features her name and title over horizontal views in chic typography. The reverse boasts accomplishments in analogous shades with social links to connect her to the world of PR professionals. Check her out on LinkedIn and get acquainted with authentic designs by P1M.

Announcing Your Grand Opening

Get ready for the Grand Opening of the century. Announcing a new location in your area! Come by and see what the all the buzz is about. Ringing true from your space to ours, Paige1Media knows embarking on a new business idea can be both exciting and intimidating at first. That's why we take out all the worry and hassle associated with getting the word out. Your full service design house customizes grand opening flyers to catch the attention of even your toughest critics. This full display ad from D-BAT's newest Southlake location gives you all the info you need to know in a celebratory and inviting way. Paige1Media takes care of the press while you focus on meeting customer demands.



Imperial Logo

Jay Eberly Ministries now broadcasts a seal of approval over its ministries with a new logo christened by Paige1Media. With an outstanding commitment to excellence and a firm footing in administering the Word, JEM is positioned to see victories even to the farthest reaching places this world has known. Regional dominance and a cry of victory emanate from the imperial logo design with a tribute to the heroes of yesterday's triumphs.


Exceeding Faith

From Faith to Faith: Living the Lifestyle of Overcoming Faith by Bill Annis builds strong character in the heart of every believer and a thirst for knowing that leading a life of overcoming faith means having victory in every area of one's life. Discover the challenging testimony this author brings and the road he reveals to becoming a man or woman full of exceeding faith as Ephesians talks about. Introduced by Pat Harrison, Annis fills the pages with Word based knowledge and scriptural interpretation of the life Paul and other apostles lived. Paige1Media enhances the cover by opening the heavens unto a journey that folds into the pastures of life. The narrow twists and turns seem to carry forever as the reader looks out ahead at what challenges life may hold next. Take a journey with Annis exploring the teachings of unending faith that's available to all.

Print Media Powerhouse

Your new product or service is hot off the presses and your needing a quick brochure or flyer to get the word out. You could turn to a generic printing press or longtime friend for design advice but in the spirit of new, why not try something new? Paige1Media has the perfect touch for that promotional effort. Now featuring 2011 classes for D-BAT's Golden Triangle Academy, the news is already brewing. This year's flyer broadcasts a classic black and white display with standout fonts for maximum visual efficiency. If you're ready for some serious marketing, look no further than P1M's print and media services.



God Breathed, God Inspired

God Breathed: Poems for Life by Paula Clements is a truly inspirational journal of life's little motivations that inspire us to think about the times spent adoring all of God's creation here on earth. Paige1Publishing adds color to this vibrant piece of literature with a soft exterior and fully illustrated flowing interior perfect for those seeking a bit of childlike innocence to their collection. P1P sets the pace with a whimsical font and faultless lines of typography paralleling the universe, which holds all life steady. The short read truly gives newcomers to faith a chance to take in all of God's glory through a fascinating story told in romantic nature. It's a love story. God's love shed over all creation so that man may come to know the vital forethought of a loving Creator. Pick up this pastel infused cover and soak in the moments you'll treasure forever with loved ones near and far.

Corner Letter

In the corner of every major store, you'll most always find a particular sighting that attracts the more literary of clientele who enjoys an occasional update from his or her favorite brands. Private instructional facilities for the athletically minded are no different. While mom waits for her son to finish a lesson or to hit a few rounds in the token cages, she'll be curious to know what her little ballplayer's coaches and fellow team parents are up to. So she peruses the high school player profile stats, because she knows that will be her own son one day, and even reads up on where these more seasoned ones plan on attending school. Her son's finished now and she looks down, smiles and says, "So soon?" Let Paige1Media fill the corner of your storefront with full bleed newsletters to cover every spot.

Shades of Blue

Blue Ridge Christian Center presents a timeless piece from Paige1Media's organizational art gallery. These new business cards are sure to make an impression. Bathed in shades of blue and established on words of hope, the benediction of love goes forth on an evenly spread and charitable-minded display. The Blue Ridge logo stands nice and tall but the picture of the cross beckons believers to recognize the importance of His testimony and saving grace. Though a path less traveled, this church is christening its point of contact.

Your New Life

New believers are often challenged the most when it comes to staying on the path less traveled. Although the body unites around these saints, it's the times spent alone in the Word that causes them to keep pressing onward toward the goal for the prize of the upward call of God in Jesus Christ. Tim Goad, singer, speaker, writer, and dynamic leader, realizes that these times are rudimentary in a born again Christian's life and, therefore, imperative for working knowledge to be planted on the inside of every heart so that it springs forth in the harvest season. In his new book, Your New Life: Next Steps to Powerful Living, Goad illustrates the purpose and call of deciding to follow Jesus through six biblical steps. Never again will you be alone. Paige1Media adds imagery and color to a rich testimony of the love of God.



Summer Skip

Summertime is nearly here. Camp registrations are in full swing and camp hosts are capitalizing on elaborate displays to capture their target audience. D-BAT's found a way to separate its own from the crowd with these magnificent color splashed CD cover displays from Paige1Media. It's no wonder these camps are a hit. With brilliant "take homes" that capture moments of your child's first baseball experience, the decision to sign up this year has already been made. Enjoy these and more from Paige1Media's custom CD galleries.