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Serious About Softball?

D-BAT Sports provides top quality softball camps and clinics, private lessons, training equipment, and a host of other opportunities at their fully functional baseball and softball academies nationwide. What they don't have to worry about, however, is providing the advertisement needed to attract aspiring players from the DFW metro area and beyond. Take a look at this nostalgic offering from Paige1Media. It's informative, to the point, and what we'd like to think captures the heart of what the game's all about – focus.



Attention Coaches and Parents

For the D-BAT Mustangs moms and dads, there's a lot to become familiar with in a short period of time when it comes to signing up their little league-rs to enter the competitive world of select baseball. Keeping track of all these expenses can be a nightmare for coaches and parents. Paige1Media's aids youth teams like the Mustangs with a sporty flyer concept specifically designed to balance the informative and management sides of the game. There's room for uniform, equipment and outdoor practice options. The back of the flyer hits all the bases with form fields for literally everything. Take a cut from this branded offering for all baseball lovers.




Remember when you use to go to the batting cages and scrounge for gold tokens hidden in the bottom of your bag for who knows how long? We remember too until businesses started adapting to the needs of consumers. Look no further than your own refillable wallet card tucked neatly away in the corner pocket of your duffel or purse. Times are changing. Paige1Media brings the lure of technologically enhanced fun with a masterfully designed batting card for all different kinds of customers. Gold, platinum, or cash – which one are you?



Down to the Last Bite

We've loved every bite of Diner Connection's sumptuous logo and business card, but it's time for its stationary to be seated. A few weeks ago we brought you this incredible new concept of restaurant patron meets mobile, now take a look at the sophisticated soiree of envelope meets letterhead. In similar fashion, the logo sits at the table head, while the rich colors and assorted elements follow generously behind. Let the aromas of simple design saturate your palette while we offer up yet another culinary masterpiece from DC's kitchen.



Plug In & Be Healed

Taking us into the future with these credit card sized smart readers that plug into your PC or laptop, Mark Brazee Ministries delivers the power of instantaneous scripture retrieval that travels with you in your pocket or purse. They're USB compatible and packed with tons of powerful messages to add boldness to your prayer life. For over 30 years, Pastors Mark and Janet Brazee have traveled all over the world sharing the Gospel and the truth behind God's healing power. Paige1Media adds character to these unique flash drives with a professional laminate finish for the external encasing. Don't miss the exciting things happening around the technological world and in ministries today.



Where Is Your Passion?

Where Is Your Passion puts readers in the hot seat. Wake up and discover that the only one keeping you from reaching your full potential in the most crucial areas of your life is the man in the mirror. Matthew Murray discovered this at the young age of 17 and has been passionately pursuing the call of God on his life ever since. Working alongside leaders in the youth ministry, Murray discovered several principles or steps in a whole person's walk that can be used to leverage the working passions residing in all of us. He's living a no boundaries life for God, letting his outside be a complete representation of the burning fire God ignited on the inside, which he surrendered just a short time ago. Is this your opportunity to break free from the mold, to let God be the center of your thoughts and actions? Paige1Media and Paige1Publishing team up to bring you an inspiring story of a teen's decision to wake up and realize his own passion for the things of God. Coded in matrix movie style and a heart bursting at the seams, Paige1Media captures a vivid interpretation of Murray's story while Paige1Publishing sets a definitive typeset and publishing scheme for readers to enjoy. Both the inside and outside are true works of art.



Therapeutic Words

Ever heard a Word a day keeps the doctor away? Perhaps you've heard it's fruity counterpart. There's power in beginning your day with an uplifting and encouraging dose of the Living Word. Scripture Therapy: Effective Daily Therapy for Overcoming the Challenging Issues of Life by Benjamin Opaleye is a fresh new devotional packed with inspiring words that carry with you throughout the day. Focusing on twelve major areas, the therapy changes unhealthy thoughts, behaviors and emotions that prevent you from living a fulfilled life. Don't let the cares of the world bog you down, grab a bookmark, pen and paper and settle in with Paige1Media's latest book cover design.



Global Sharing

International ministries are constantly stuck in between the doldrums of should I use a globe logo or not? Working Together Ministries knows that the power of the globe can sometimes be revitalized in a unique way. With arrows signaling the transfer of passions, ideas, and energies, WTM finds the places that no man has gone. Sharing knowledge has become paramount globally for all sorts of industries and organizations. Extending the look and feel of these successors only seems natural. Working Together is about the universal transfer of meaning and Paige1Media illustrates this meaning in a global way.



SQL Marx the Spot

He's your mean green SQL server-side machine. With an eye for database administration, Jeremy Marx has an uncanny view of web analytics and the like. Good friend, Paige1Media, helps him add value to his personal portfolio with a networking card to stand out from the rest. With contact info for LinkedIn, Twitter, and a familiar landscape taken from his www.SQLverse.com domain, Marx is ready to make a strong first impression when he's traveling to conferences and codified events. Check him out and drop a line, he's always connected and ready to offer up some serious advice for your next big project.

Regions Beyond

Taking evangelism beyond the outlying regions of the world is quite a mission. For worldwide ministers Tallat and Anne Mohamed, the ministry starts at home. Many doors have been opened up for them because they were faithful in the small. One small thing that seems to allude many of us is the power of branding. This duo of signs and wonders seers know that no one is beyond his reach as long as the familiarity gap has been closed and people know what you're about. RBE now has an outstretched eagle landing logo to accompany their nationalistic inspired web domain. The faded print gives the feel of a tough journey that's been weathered many times in pursuit of the Gospel.



Excuse me sir...

Do you have a ticket? Why not grab a business card while you're at it? The key to being creative is placing emphasis where it matters. For Medicaid Learning Center, the power to take learning online and receive training from the comfort of your own home is very marketable. Not only that but people associate value with a ticket. Here's a creative way to capture the value of a transaction than with an informational note to go with it -- so you don't lose your information. Visit www.MedicaidLearning.com to find out more about their FREE 30-day trial and grab hold of this FREE ticket idea from Paige1Media.