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Turkey Time!

Gobble, gobble, gobble. No, we haven't got the wrong holiday. For these campers, the allure of escaping back to school doldrums is a year-round occurrence. They let loose to traverse the bases while their mothers make headway in the stores. It's a fun time of the year for everyone but what makes these academies truly thankful is the festive marketing preparations delivered in advance by Paige1Media.



The Complete Woman

The Complete Woman by Susan Proeschel is a masterpiece for the prudent woman aspiring to catapult her spirit, mind, and body into a refined and indestructible vessel for the Lord. Enclosed within the binding is a lifetime of wisdom from which to glean. The "Spirit" portion of the book, portrayed from Exodus and Hebrews, references the Spirit of Christ seen in both the Old and New Testament. The "Revelation of the Mind" portion reveals secrets to casting down wrong thoughts and imaginations while proclaiming a powerful stand ready to claim God's never-ending promises. Teaching the believer to live righteously and fervently for Christ, the "Body" portion of the text encourages readers to realize a strong and healthy body is required in order to be used by God. The Complete Woman is an exclusive work of Paige1Publishing and Paige1Media. Its enchanting cover captures the moments of a young woman's life that we hope fills your heart as much as it fills ours.



The Prayer Life of the Believer

The Prayer Life of the Believer is ready-made nowadays by both conventional and unconventional media formats. Cassettes, CD's, and iPod-ready mp3 recordings successfully increase a believer's awareness of the Word through God's ever-present teaching. Paige1Media broadcasts its signal across these platforms and more with a cool blue-blazen sky CD insert and label that's ready-made for bookstore shelfs and disc lovers. Make this sharp looking sleeve the newest member of your collection and keep the opportunities for spiritual growth at arm's length away.



Catch the Fire

Fire by night for fire by day, the Fire For the Nations annual missions conference hosted by World Outreach Church in Tulsa is packed full of ministers and guest speakers who bring the heart of what God's trying to do both internationally and here at home. Paige1Media sets the tone for the event with an emblazoned cityscape background on a light pole banner that makes even the most decked out street displays seem like garden-variety. Ten years in the making, WOC Tulsa is proud to bring you an event piece that theatrically represents the unfolding of another chapter from their own carousel of progress. Catch the fire of what's going on in your organization with custom designs by Paige1Media for street corners and town squares.



Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Feliz Navidad y prospero Año Nuevo. Frohe Weihnachten und ein glückliches neues Jahr. Buon Natale e Felice Anno Nuovo. Čestit Božić i Sretna Nova godina. However you say it, Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year rings loud and true across many nations and languages. The Medicaid Learning Center would like to wish you and your family a healthy and happy holidays with a frosted blue greeting card from yours truly at Paige1Media. Tis' the season for your organization to share your appreciation in the little ways that come in festive packages



The Holy Spirit & His Gifts

Pastor Jay and Debbie Eberly and the folks at Spirit of Faith Family Church have catapulted their ministry forward with several programs including an all-encompassing Bible school for the diligent reader or training minister called Spirit of Faith Bible Institute. Offering plenty of wisdom concerning integrity in life and ministry, Pastor Jay speaks from 12 years of traveling experience and he is nationally recognized as a teacher and author who communicates biblical truths in a practical manner. You can now access some of SOFFC's teachings on CD along with this freshly designed label and insert from Paige1Media.



A Force Worth Designing

What says thank you more than a custom tribute dedicated to those wonderful clients you've enjoyed over the year? To new ones and old, Collipsis realizes the spirit of giving isn't always found at the department stores. This holiday season spread the love with some magnetized offerings from your very own vault of prized work. You've drooled over them long enough; now it's their turn. Check out this calendar and fridge magnet combination from Paige1Media. It's these kind of designs that make the end of year so much more attracting.



Holiday Orange 'n Cream

Paige1Media has a carol or two to sing in the spirit of holiday cheer. This year, Merry Christmas comes in the form of a citric glow – a glow no other than that of Paige1Media's signature orange 'n cream cast. Texturized to make your eyes glimmer, these branded cards put cheer in the hands of those who love you most. Designs come straight from the factory with our highest seal of approval so you can worry about the rest of your wish lists. Isn't it time you did something nice for yourself? Send us your requests and we'll take care of the rest.



From All of Ours to All of Yours

From our clients to yours, Collipsis wishes all a Merry Christmas filled with memories of slay rides, milk and cookies by the fire, and a new year filled with web hosting projects galore! Perhaps that's not exactly what you had in mind when you signed up for that extended vacation but, as Paige1Media reminds us, now's as good a time as any to think about those who have made this year a success. Remember to send heart warming wishes to friends and family and while you're at it, why not a branded card to show your tasteful appreciation for those faithful clients?



Serious About Softball?

D-BAT Sports provides top quality softball camps and clinics, private lessons, training equipment, and a host of other opportunities at their fully functional baseball and softball academies nationwide. What they don't have to worry about, however, is providing the advertisement needed to attract aspiring players from the DFW metro area and beyond. Take a look at this nostalgic offering from Paige1Media. It's informative, to the point, and what we'd like to think captures the heart of what the game's all about – focus.



Attention Coaches and Parents

For the D-BAT Mustangs moms and dads, there's a lot to become familiar with in a short period of time when it comes to signing up their little league-rs to enter the competitive world of select baseball. Keeping track of all these expenses can be a nightmare for coaches and parents. Paige1Media's aids youth teams like the Mustangs with a sporty flyer concept specifically designed to balance the informative and management sides of the game. There's room for uniform, equipment and outdoor practice options. The back of the flyer hits all the bases with form fields for literally everything. Take a cut from this branded offering for all baseball lovers.