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From the Father's Heart

Carved out of a niche in her own heart for enriched biblical study and spiritual growth, author and Rev. Valerie Hansen penned the daily devotional letters for From the Father's Heart to Yours: Words of Faith for Daily Living. She and her husband spent six years pioneering a church in Montana before attending missions school in Oklahoma and later launching halfway across the world to Ghana, West Africa to establish a ministers' training school. They've gathered so many spiritual teachings through their diverse encounters and now base their outreaches through the work and founding of Prevailing Word Ministries. Published by Mountz Media & Publishing, From the Father's Heart incorporates the stylistic cover design and typeset of Paige1Publishing's artsy touch. Enjoy this truly enchanting display as you capture meaningful inspirations for your daily walk.


Encounter the Truth

Sick and tired of being sick? Healing evangelist Mark Brazee offers a four day event encapsulating divine healings and all sorts of supernatural, signs, and wonders. His ministry focuses on the healing power of Jesus that sets people free from bondage of the mind, which keeps them from experiencing God's releasing touch on their lives. Enjoy this powerful event promotion designed by longtime friend Paige1Media, and come see November 14-17 that the only thing you have to lose are the symptoms you don't want!



Room For Restoration?

Flung in the arms of the handsome Lieutenant Sam Rushing, Victoria Landon finds herself torn between a search for life discovery and the loving circle of friends and "family" that behold her. Deception ensumes as she denies her own heart's longing for the new beau's lifestyle and covers up her past unfulfilled relationships and missing connection with her deceased mother. Will they find restoration? Although published by CreateSpace, Paige1Publishing captures the authentic emotion of Ellen Sherril's dramatic storytelling with a creative cover design. An open landscape casts the scene with a combined sense of natural and manmade wonder. Realize the beauty within from this honest portrayal of Sherrill's Search For The Whole Heart: Restoration.



Straight to Creative

SQL Server expert Mike Walsh needed a logo that would add character to his learning inspired blog of new skills and technologies. StraightPath Consulting was born out his passion to teach folks the ins and outs of the trade as well as give himself a chance to get his own hands dirty outside the workplace. Paige1Media served up a database ready logo with gradient-enriched flavor and a sub city urban feel for this programming mastermind. Check out Mike and his cool new look on StraightPath Consulting blog.



Diner Dash

Sophisticated, classy and ready for a night on the town, Paige1Media's newest design is dressed to impress the finest of cuisine lovers. Diner Connection is your drinks, your appetizer, your meal and dessert. It's everything you need to make the convenience of dining come alive on the web. That's about all we can tell you right now but check back later for more updates! In the meantime, enjoy this sampling from your friends, the culinary experts, at Paige1Media.



Tech Speak

Not only does Paige1Media have a soft spot for writers but also tech enthusiasts and programmer masterminds. Adam Machanic, Boston-based independent database consultant, writer, and speaker, was thrilled to receive a custom logo for his blog's Tuesday tech forum. Now contributers can utilize the power of the logo to enhance its communication platform and bring organization to a complicated interface. This high tech computer chip graphic is just what the doctor – or blogger – ordered.



Good Folks, Collipsis Folks

Easy updates, easy access, and the ability to feel like YOU are in control are the cries of many site owners. You get all three plus your first month's hosting FREE if you mention this postcard and sign up for a web start package from the good folks at Collipsis. It's hard to pass up all of these benefits. Enjoy 24-hour email support and optional Google Apps integration — just to name a few — as a part of your hosting plan. It's where the good meets the better.



Life After Publishing?

Is there Life After Publishing? So much so that you'll think you've entered your Second Life®! Join us August 21 in Tulsa, OK for the "How To Market and Promote Your Book". Featured guest speakers include Leon Mentzer, founder of ChristianStoryteller.com, JP Jones of Paig1Media, and Nicholas Clayton of Collipis Web Solutions. Don't miss this opportunity to enjoy a full day of marketing and book promotion training from the very best. Register online or call now.


We're All Going Digital, Shouldn't You?

Our newest side project comes full display with this inviting card from HootPress. Join the eBook Revolution and begin selling your own digital masterpieces ready-made for today's hottest gadgets. The coffehouse feel and literary texture leave ample space to highlight the perks of going digital. Visit HootPress.com for more info and available pricing.




It's In the Name

From logos to business cards and even book marks, there's no end to what Paige1Media can do. The design powerhouse has teamed up with authors, chefs, and business people alike to come up with the most flavorful, marketable creations to date. Take a look at some of our recent work and be sure to find us on Facebook!




CD Inserts, Sleeves, Galore!

Recently Paige1Media took on a new design effort to enrich bookstore media displays. These sharp inserts and matching labels are sure to add both cosmetic and monetary value to merchant operations. Some capture a zest for life while others honor the beauty that is God's creation. Take a look at all six titles and envision yourself holding our timeless designs while listening to your favorite sermons.