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Great Men, Great Players

The San Antonio Angels has a goal to teach and mentor their players, finding ways to make the game of baseball both enjoyable and easy to understand. With tryouts in progress for the spring, they needed a flyer to advertise their program. Using a red and blue color scheme, this flyer is patriotic and clean, sure to catch the eyes of players of all ages.

A Satellite Addition

God's Shining Light Church is getting a new satellite location, and Paige1Media created a postcard to advertise the addition. With minimal text and a large logo, this postcard gets the point across simply. The red and yellow color scheme ties in with the logo, creating a clean and modern look that is sure to draw eyes.

Become a Hitting Guru

D-BAT San Antonio North offers "Hitting Guru," the electronic analysis of a baseball player's strength and weaknesses. Offering swing recording and playback, performance tracking and more, players are able to learn their weaknesses and perform better. Paige1Media designed a flyer to advertise the program. Using a white background and black and red text, this design is simple, clean, and to the point, with all focus on the information provided. Baseball players in San Antonio won't want to miss this great opportunity!

Solar Security

Viewers are encouraged to ask about solar and energy security with this new banner designed by Paige1Media! Contrasting colors and large graphics make this banner pop, while bold text keeps the design bold and modern. With the fun and graphic nature of this banner, it certainly won't go missed.


Merciful, a new book by Pastor Diego Mesa, offers a fresh perspective and a clearer understanding of God’s wonderful gift of mercy. With a tipsheet designed by Paige1Media, this book is ready for the press and public. There is plenty of information for the viewer with an excerpt on the book and information about the author. Using colors pulled from the book cover, this design is both functional and beautiful.

Ready for the Holidays

Before you know it, the holidays will be here — and D-BAT San Antonio is ready! With a new flyer design by Paige1Media, D-BAT advertises their upcoming holiday camp for the season. Using Christmas colors and a large baseball in a Santa hat, this flyer is sure to catch the attention of many!

Weekend of Ministry

Berean Fellowship Church invites guests to a special weekend of ministry with Lee Grady. With so much information to display, Paige1 designed a poster that is both functional and beautiful. The text is offset with photos and contrasting colors, while a city backdrop ties the piece together. With services geared toward different ages and genders, viewers are sure to find a one that appeals to them.

Unlikely Love

Unlikely Love, a new book written by Connie Faith Cooley, gets a new cover design by Paige1 that is sure to please. This cover is beautiful and intriguing, using contrasting fonts and shades of blue to create a subtle yet elegant look. A bluebird on the cover is the focus of this design, giving the reader a glimpse into the story of a "roller coaster of transformation."

A Baseball Thanksgiving

With Thanksgiving just around the corner, D-BAT Ft. Worth needed a new flyer to advertise their upcoming "All Aspects" camp. A silhouette of a turkey adds some fun to the flyer, while a baseball remains in the background of the design. Using oranges and yellows, this festive flyer is sure to catch the eyes of baseball players looking to do something fun on their Thanksgiving break.

Loving God, Loving People

Full Gospel Assembly of Queens invites guests to their weekly services, with a focus on Loving God, Loving People. Using bold colors and large fonts, this eye-catching postcard is fun and modern. Church and service information is located on the back, making this postcard both functional and inviting.

Mugs for Rhema

Rhema Bible Training Center of Germany gets a sleek new mug designed by Paige1. Keeping it minimal, these mugs use a simple font paired with the red and white color scheme to tie in with the logo. Placed on a matte black mug, these are sure to be a hit.